Joyo Audio 30 Series JF-31 Noise Gate Noise Reduction Guitar Effect Pedal

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Joyo Audio JF-31 Noise Gate Noise Reduction Guitar Effect Pedal

Open Box.  Small tear on the label on the bottom.

JOYO audio's noise gate pedal is tuned specifically for guitar and will allow you to reduce any unwanted hum or stage noise in between songs. It does take some experimentation and careful control of the input gain vs. threshold setting, but we have achieved some very cool and original sounds with this pedal.

Noise Gate helps you on the stage just as advanced processors help you in the studio. Rock on without letting feedback, interference or any other annoying 60-cycle hum enter the picture. Achieve true sonic control with the JF-31 Noise gate guitar pedal. Reduces the extra noise from your signal. Easily operated by adjusting the single Threshold knob. True bypass design.


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