Joyo Audio PXL-8 Eight Loop Programmable Guitar Effect Loop Controller Demo

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Joyo Audio PXL-8 Eight Loop Programmable Guitar Effect Loop Controller

Demo: Missing original box.  May have some light scratches from handling.  Works as it should.

JOYO PXL 8 is a guitar pedal switcher. This is a programmable controller that offers almost unlimited effects sets that can be switched quickly and easily. There are 8 inputs for effects and these can all be assigned at one time if you choose for some real sonic madness. This is a programmable and storable effects looper. When engaging, 8 groups save for instant recall. These tone groups will be stored even after the power is shut down, so no constant re-assigning your favourite groups and settings. With the maximum storage of 32 groups tone, the design of TRUE Bypass of looper guarantees the smooth transfer of signal and it avoids the effect interference caused by other electronic switches. Further, also has super fast switch speed and excellent low switch noise (which can be inevitable in some true bypass devices).

Very easy set-up with memory functionality, this will remember all set sequences even after the power has been turned off. Very nice for the stage player and travelling musician. This is channel FX switching system is a floor based switching system. It is compact, easy to use and has a fully programmable memory. Usually effects pedals are connected one by one to each pedal in series. You turn 'ON' or 'OFF which ever pedal you want to use. If the amount of pedals used is increased this operation becomes very cumbersome especially in live performances. This problem is also known as 'tap dancing'. Making beautiful music and smooth transitions between effects is greatly reduced if you have to turn 3 effects at one time or accidently hit the wrong effect. The PXL series of pedals are designed precisely to stop your 'tap dancing'. It makes switching multiple effects more efficient at one click away. Takes standard negative centre 9 volt DC power supply.

PXL8 is 8 Group FX Loop(FX LOOP)
Programmable grouping system can save 32 effects combinations
True Bypass Design--no coloration
TAKAMISAWA miniature signal relay
Power input protection
Working voltage: 8-15V DC
Full-load working current: 200mA

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