Joyo Audio PXL-Pro 8 Loop Programmable Guitar Effect Loop Controller

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Joyo Audio PXL-Pro 8 Loop Programmable Guitar Effect Loop Controller


JOYO programmable looper control station switcher with amp effect. You have 8 programmable loops for your pedals, but now you can set up as one series loop of 8 or you can split them into 2 loops of 4. This means that loop one can be for your pre amp effects (OD, distortion etc.) then loop two can be plugged into your amps FX loop and used for post amp effects (delay, reverb etc).

Another great new feature of this looper is the 4 switch triggers. This means that you can control up to 4 switchable functions on external devices right from this looper via 4 1/4 inch jacks (amp channels, effect modes etc.). You can even program each trigger to latch or make a momentary contact and you can also set the polarity (Normally open/Normally closed). Some amps may need a custom cable to work with this looper.

Other features include a mute/tuner out switch, store up to 32 effect sets, bypass all loops with a single stomp. Store up to 32 effect sets.

Total 8 LOOP channels, but can be used as dual independent 4-channel setting.
Built-in 4 triggers enable you to use them to switch the Amp channel or effects mode settings.
Four triggers can be set separately for trigger polarity, mode and action status (including the settings under BYPASS)
Tuner interface.
Independent mute switch for keeping mute or tuning.

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