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Joyo JMA-15 Mjolnir 15 Watt 2 Channel All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head Demo

Joyo JMA-15 Mjolnir 15 Watt 2 Channel All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head Demo

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Joyo JMA-15 Mjolnir 15 Watt 2 Channel All Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

Open Box Demo: May have some light scratches/scuffs. Works as it should. Footswitch, cable and power cord included.

Joyo’s MJOLNIR will bring the thundering sounds of the norse gods on your stage. This dual channel lunchbox amp is compact, but packs a serious punch. Don’t be fooled though, it can do much more than just metal.

The "clean“ channel of the MJOLNIR can give you a nice, warm sound that is a perfect basis to work with all the pedals you already have. With a full three band EQ, separate MASTER and PRESENCE controls, you have total independence for this channel. When you engage its PUSH switch, it gets a lot tighter, more precise and very punchy. It feels like that sound could drive a nail through a brick wall. Now increase the gain and you have a great rhythm drive that can be pushed even further with the BOOST switch, which works for both channels.

International Collaboration If this is not enough, the DRIVE channel takes over and gives you all the gain you want. Here you have the option to sculpt the sound with a MID CUT for those modern chunk sounds, in addition to a full independent three band EQ, MASTER and PRESENCE.

The Joyo team has worked closely with a famous german amp designer to fine-tune the amp and make sure it is the best that it can be.

All Metal - All Tube The MJOLNIR also has an FX-Loop that can be bypassed. There is a mini trim pot to adjust the level of the loop. 4-8-16Ω Speaker Outs give you all the options to use the cab of your choice. A footswitch for channel selection is included.

The MJOLNIR is housed in a all metal case with a practical foldable handle.

The tubes that drive this beast are three ECC83, one ECC82 in the preamp and two EL84 in the power amp section.

Dual Channel (Clean/Distortion) switchable
Tube: three ECC83, one ECC82, two EL84
Independent 3 band EQ for each channel
Independent Master Volume control for each channel
Boost Function
Effects loop with loop bypass funtion
Speaker output: 4/8/16Ω
Rated power: 15W (RMS)
Accessory: Footswitch Pedal

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