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Joyo Rockdriver RD-B Pedalboard & RD-2 Flight Case Large Demo #2

Joyo Rockdriver RD-B Pedalboard & RD-2 Flight Case Large Demo #2

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Joyo Rockdriver RD-B Pedalboard & RD-2 Flight Case

Factory Demo: Has some minor cosmetic scratches/scuffs.  Hook & Loop attached to the pedalboard.  All the latches and telescopic trolley work as they should.  

RD-B2 pedal board has a very special hollow design, enable convenient arrangement of wires; what’s more, its unique way of fixing power supply by using an additional elastic string, suits any volumes of power supply: from JOYO JP-04, T-rex, to huge VoodooLab. All types of power supply can be fixed to the bottom of this pedal board easily with a buckle, without punching holes. Yes, simple as that! .

Pedalboard Size:22" x 12.5" x 2.5"

The JOYO RockDriver RD 2 pedal case is a very well-designed and constructed pedalboard & gig case, it has a hidden handle and battery clasp and looks cool too.. Fire-resistant sheets and super sturdy wheels and trolley handle. Not only does this case make you look very cool, it stops all of your pedals going all over the place when combined with the RDB pedal board.

The pedal board case has a strong aluminium frame with fireproof panels and butterfly latches. Available in black/chrome trim..

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