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Kemper Profiler PowerRack 600 Watt Rack Mount Modeling IR Guitar Amplifier Head Used

Kemper Profiler PowerRack 600 Watt Rack Mount Modeling IR Guitar Amplifier Head Used

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Kemper Profiler PowerRack 600 Watt Rack Mount Modeling IR Guitar Amplifier Head Used

Used with wear associated with use. Minor cosmetic scratches/scuffs from handling and play. Any noteworthy blemishes or issues will be described and pictured. Works as it should.

Software Version:
Software Build Date: March 13, 2023
The PROFILER PowerRack™ comes as a 3U/ 19" Rack device that comfortably and nicely fits into touring racks and of course as well into your dedicated studio rack furniture. It offers the unique PROFILING™ and FX technology and adds an included power amp with 600 Watts for driving guitar cabinets or full range cabinets and of course the acclaimed KEMPER Kabinet™ with the KEMPER Kone™ technology.

The PROFILER PowerRack features the full PROFILER™ experience with amp Profiles from the best studios, a preamp STOMPS section with 4 Slots, EQ and CABINET plus 4 more slots for stereo EFFECTS. The arsenal of FX (STOMPS and stereo EFFECTS) is constantly updated and belongs to the most complete and best FX collections in the entire industry.

Performance switching and FX activation is seamless and unique. The also unique morphing technology allows for smooth control of unlimited continuous parameters to blend amp settings, FX, and levels.

The PROFILER PowerRack features a number of also industry leading routing possibilities: 2 x MAIN OUTPUT in Stereo, MONITOR OUTPUT, Speaker Out, 2 x Guitar In, Send/Return (loop for ext. FX), MIDI, S/PDIF, USB, 2 x for Switches/ Expression Pedals.

PROFILER PowerRack can be remote controlled with either MIDI or the PROFILER Remote™ Pedal. Connected to a router device the PROFILER PowerRack can also be controlled wirelessly from an iPadOS compatible tablet with the Rig Manager. The complete librarian and editing software Rig Manager works via USB and makes organizing and editing your personal Rigs and Performances a breeze.

Amp Profiles from various top studios and tone designers
Studio grade FX
Most comprehensive output section features Full Range, Guitar Cab and KEMPER Kone™ Modes
Performance Mode with seamless preset switching
Unique morphing
Wireless remote editing with iOS devices
600 watts power amp for driving guitar cabinets, full-range speakers or the unpowered KEMPER Kabinet™ utilizing the unique KEMPER Kone™ technology

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