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Laney IRF-LEADTOP 60 Watt Single Channel Guitar Amplifier Head

Laney IRF-LEADTOP 60 Watt Single Channel Guitar Amplifier Head

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Laney IRF-LEADTOP 60 Watt Single Channel Guitar Amplifier Head


In the 1700s the first Newcomen Steam Engines were designed and constructed right in the in the heart of England, in the midlands; a 100 years later the skies were black with smog from burning furnaces, fueling the legendary industrial revolution. This was the beginning of the Black Country. As the fire and brimstone that once scorched the sky began to fade, another type of metal was born: Heavy Metal; the beating twisted heart of the Black Country.

The IRONHEART FOUNDRY series is forged from fire and iron right at the heart of the Black Country, the furnaces rekindled to create a beast. Laney, tone blacksmiths of the midlands, have created a tiny monster.

We call it the IRF-LEADTOP, a 60-Watt single channel amplifier in a mini head format. It's soul, from the IRONHEART that resides in the home of industrial revolution, is designed in the UK by Laney's dedicated tone team.

Set to CLEAN, you get crisp clear cleans with sparkle and warmth, while switching to LEAD is all about the gain. It can deliver gut punching tones at lower gains to full on roars when turned up. The Lead channel features lead bright, flat and lead dark options you can set to your choice. The 3 Band EQ section is the tonal offspring of the legendary IRONHEART valve heads, capturing all the nuances and flexibility. This traditional passive tone stack with complex interactivity never sounds bad.

The IRF-LEADTOP features a fully transformer isolated FX loop for a pure, unadulterated clean signal between the IRF-LEADTOP and your favourite guitar pedals – allowing you noise free performance. An auxiliary input and headphone output makes the IRF-LEADTOP ideal for practising at home or on the move.

And then, if you dare, the last control. If you weren't already maddened by the insanity of the IRF-LEADTOP, the switchable BOOST is there to tip you over the limit. Push your drive tones further and feel the very soul of the IRONHEART pour out. And yes, it may be small but it's LOUD, you can choose just how loud this monster is by the switchable WATTS control!

60 watts RMS
Single channel with clean and lead modes
High quality latency free analogue emulated DI out
Selectable bright, natural and dark voicing
3 Band passive tone stack
Input pre-boost level and footswitch with LED indicator
Loudspeaker out
High and Low power modes (Low Power <1W)
Transformer isolated high quality effects loop
3.5mm stereo aux in jack
3.5mm stereo headphone jack
100-240V Universal Voltage power supply included (24V) centre positive, 2.1 x 5.5 x 12mm connector type

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