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Laney N115 400 watts 1x15" Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

Laney N115 400 watts 1x15" Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet

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 Laney N115 400 watts 1x15" Bass Guitar Amplifier Cabinet


The ultimate in big bass tone

The NEXUS N115 cabinet is an ultra-light, high performance bass enclosure, loaded with neodymium drivers and finished in Laney's Tuffstuff coating, the NEXUS N115 has been designed to be used in conjunction with the NEXUS-SL and SLS bass head. The N115 is loaded with a LaVoce neodymium 15” driver plus a La Voce 1" exit compression driver which is switchable to on/off and half power settings. Selected exclusively for the NEXUS range, these Italian-designed speaker components are truly outstanding for bass. The lightweight, heavy duty, plywood cabinet is then finished in Laney's Tuffstuff: An incredibly tough, ultra-durable and resilient polyurethane coating designed to deal with the rigours of life on the road.

Neodymium magnet technology allows speakers to be produced that are exceptionally lightweight and loud. Neodymium bass speaker delivers a rich warm tone combined with a powerful low-end punch.

1 x 15" LaVoce Neodymium Driver

400 Watts

2 x Twist connectors

TuffStuff finish

1”Exit LaVoce Compression driver: switchable on/off and hi/lo

35Hz – 20KHz


Item dimensions: 440mm x 580mm x 400mm (HWD)

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