Line 6 FM4 Modumation and Synth Filter Guitar Effect Pedal*

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Line 6 FM4 Modumation and Synth Filter Guitar Effect Pedal*

Used with wear associated with light use.  Minor scratches/scuffs if any. Works on AC power, battery power untested (no batteries available)


Additional Information about Line 6 FM4 Filter Guitar Effect Pedal

Product Information
Adding extra dimensions to your guitar sound is easy with the Line 6 FM4 guitar effect pedal. This versatile pedal houses an impressive 16 different digital effects, giving you a colorful palette of new tones, frequencies, and dynamics to bring your sound to the next level. Using any of the many control variables including frequency, effects selector, mode, speed, or mix controls makes tonal creation fun and easy. To complement your own creations, the Line 6 FM4 comes with 20 factory presets, so you can start jamming right away with your favorite distortion or clean patch. The solid, durable construction is great for studio or touring use.

Product Highlights

Product Identifiers
Brand Line 6
Model FM4
UPC 614252042307, 962327361779

Key Features
Type Filter, Multi-Effects
Power Supply Battery

Weight 3.1 lbs
Depth 6 inch
Height 2.38 inch

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