LP Latin Percussion 14" Durian Super Tumba Wood Hand Drum LP553Z-D

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LP Latin Percussion 14" Durian Super Tumba LP553Z-D


Durian wood comes from the durian fruit tree, which grows throughout the South Pacific. The beautifully-grained wood features the same sonic properties as traditional Siam Oak but is 25% lighter in weight, making the ideal choice for the on-the-go percussionist.

14 Inch Head Diameter "Super Tumba"
32" Tall exotic Durian wood, gloss finish
25% lighter than standard LP Classic Series Conga
Reinforced LP Heart side plate with 5 ⁄16" diameter tuning lugs
Extended collar rims
Black mirror chrome hardware
Pre-fitted with slide mounts
Patented LP ProCare Shell Protectors
Stand Mount Bracket Attached
LP ProCare Shell Protectors To Prevent Scratching
Reinforced LP Heart Side Plates
Includes Canvas Accessory Pouch

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