Mono EFX 365 DJ Back Pack for Laptop & Other Gear

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Mono EFX 365 DJ Back Pack for Laptop & Other Gear

Open Box. 

The 365 Pack is the result of extensive research and prototyping conducted among some of the world's most respected international DJs. When you wake up in a different country every week, mobility takes on a whole new meaning. The 365 is built for life in motion. We've combined intelligent features, bomb-proof construction, and a low profile form factor specifically for air travel. Minimalist detailing on the outside. On the inside, smart storage puts everything in its place.

Fits laptops up to 17", small stack of vinyls, Serato style interface components, hard drives, headphones and cables. Removable inner divider creates extra space for a larger stack of vinyls, portable mixer or controllers such as the Akai APC40 and Vestax VCI-300. Weight: 74 oz (4.63 lbs)


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