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Musi Virgo Classic Telecaster Empire Yellow Guitar #0392 Used

Musi Virgo Classic Telecaster Empire Yellow Guitar #0392 Used

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Musi Virgo Classic Telecaster Empire Yellow Guitar #0392 Used

7.00 lbs, 7.20 Oz

Used with wear associated with use. Minor light cosmetic scratches from handling and play. Any noteworthy blemishes or issues will be described and pictured. Works as it should.

The MUSI Virgo Classic features all the desirable details of a classic T. This guitar was designed to preserve the mojo of a classic instrument but at the same time add convenient details that will make it easier to play, maintain and use in any studio/live situation. Snappy and sharp as it gets.


Roasted maple neck provides excellent stability and a gorgeous caramel finish. The mahogany wood used for the body was carefully selected for its sonic properties and lightweight.

Stainless steel frets provide unmatched durability and a smooth playing surface for nice and easy bends. Each fret's ends are also rounded and hand-dressed to achieve the best playing experience.

The Virgo Classic sports a unique Slim C compound neck profile along with a 9.5” to 12” compound fingerboard radius, providing excellent playability for both chording and soloing.

Adjust your neck without trouble with the two-action wheel at the bottom of the neck.

The MUSI Locking Special tuners will make your strings changes a breeze and keep your axe in tune no matter how brutal your playing is.

Bone is a harder natural material and it has been favored by many luthiers for higher-end instruments due to its sustain and natural lubricating properties

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