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NUX DP-2000 8 Velocity Sensitive Percussion Pad Drum Machine

NUX DP-2000 8 Velocity Sensitive Percussion Pad Drum Machine

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NUX DP-2000 8 Velocity Sensitive Percussion Pad Drum Machine


The NUX DP-2000 is a powerful integrated percussion pad. With its 8 velocity sensitive independent strike pads, the DP-2000 not only includes the high standard acoustic drum samples from our flagship DM-8 kit, but it also includes folk percussion and electronic sound samples. What’s more, you can expand your sound library by importing your own drum samples with a U disk. Additionally, the DP-2000 includes inputs for external triggers. Easily add a hi-hat pedal and external kick drum, making the DP-2000 a mini e-drum kit.

High quality sound library
The DP-2000 includes a selection of high quality acoustic drum samples from our flagship DM-8 and specially prepared percussion and electronic sounds to meet the artistic needs of musicians of different music styles. Further editing parameters enable you to assign and edit the position of each tone, pitch, phase and other detailed parameters.

Newly designed color screen
The DP-2000 sports a newly designed UI interactive interface making for a smooth and positive workflow .

These 8 velocity sensitive strike pads all have LED lights, and the brightness changes with dynamic playing and tone length, making for an expressive light show on any darkened stage.

Even more possibilities
The DP-2000 will find its way into your drumming ecosystem, either onstage next to your acoustic drum kit, or use the MIDI In/Out ports make it a secondary drum brain by connecting it to your already existing e-drum kit.

The DP-2000 includes six on board effects, which can be assigned to the percussion pads or as BUS effects via the FX function on the panel.

USB-C port-The best and most powerful friend of DP-2000

Easily expand your sound library for the DP-2000, by making use of the included USB port and a USB drive loaded with your favorite drum and percussion samples. The DP-2000 also supports WAV music playback via USB drive, making it a great performance and practice instrument.

Of course, you can also connect to our NUX provided Bluetooth module NBT-1 through this USB-C port, which supports Bluetooth audio and Bluetooth MIDI functions.

Strike pad and expansion
Want to expand beyond the included pads? Not a problem. The DP-2000 includes three ¼” (6.35mm) jacks can be connected to an extra trigger, hi-hat pedal, and a kick drum pedal, enabling you to create a set of mini but mighty electronic drums.

Colorful large screen, simple operation interface
20 presets include all style
Layer function can split a pad into two parts and assign sound separately
USB port for connecting Bluetooth module and USB drives
The Wavimport function allows for custom sound import into DP-2000 for use
Three additional interfaces can be external to kick, hihat control, and other triggers
New effector features for more diverse sound
Can be used in conjunction with other e-drums or acoustic drums
Weight: Approximately 3 KG (Drum pad only, excluding other accessories and packaging)
L*W*H: 410*310*45 (Drum pad only, excluding other accessories and packaging)

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