Ogre Kronomaster Delay II Digital Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

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Ogre Kronomaster Delay II Digital Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal

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The Kronomaster Delay II is a truly versatile delay pedal. Based on the PT2399 chip, this pedal adds transparent analog warmth and tape echo tones via its three controls (time, repeat and mix).

We upgraded it by developing the unique design to be durable and road worthy. Built by hand and using high grade metal film capacitors and resistors to keep your tone clean and warm. As with all OGRE effects, the Kronomaster is true bypass to not color your sound at all when not engaged.

Aside from tone, our unique patent-pending enclosure design is not seen on any other effect pedals. The sliding-type cockpit cover system is an exclusive design devised by OGRE in order to protect tone settings on stage.


  • Time : Controls the delay time. The delay time runs from 40msec at minimum up to 550msec at maximum.
  • Mix : Controls the quantity of the delayed signal. When the control knob is at minimum position, the effector works as a buffer with a little gain. Turning counter clockwise, the delayed signal is mixed more with the original sound.
  • Repeat : Controls the repeat times of the delayed signals. The feedback will occur when it’s at the full position.

    Features and Specifications

  • Controls : Time / Repeat / Mix
  • Delay Time : approximately 40mSec ~ 550mSec
  • Power Supply : DC 9V 006P / 9V(constant voltage) AC adapter (center negative plug)
  • Switching : True Bypass
  • Dimensions : 122mm(W)x65mm(D)x60mm(H)
  • Weight : 480g (without battery)

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