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Powerwerks PW150TFX 150 Watt Powered Personal PA System #0500*

Powerwerks PW150TFX 150 Watt Powered Personal PA System #0500*

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Powerwerks PW150TFX 150 Watt Powered Personal PA System #0500

Used with wear associated with normal use.  Minor scuffs/scratches.  The effects introduce a slight hum but otherwise works as it should. 

● Equipped with Eminence® Speakers
● 150 Watts with Built-in 3 Channel Mixer
● 4 Built-in Effects
● Monitor Out and Subwoofer Out
● POWERLINK for Ease of Input Expansion

Product Specifications

Output Power 1%
2 x 75W, 2 x 4 ohm load
Accepted Inputs
Ch1 and Ch2, Mic XLR Balanced, Line Level 1/4" Un-balanced
Ch3, 1/8" Line Level or Bluetooth Device (150TFBT models)
Frequency Response
20Hz-20kHz, Actual response is tailored to speaker cabinet for accurate acoustical response
Hum & Noise
-46dB, ResidualNoise, all level controls 0% (minimum)
-37dB, Nominal System Noise, all level controls at 50%
System Gain/Speaker Output (Measurement at 1kHz)
+49dB, Mic to Speaker Output (Ch1 & Ch2)
+35dB, Line to Speaker Output (Ch1 & Ch2)
+25dB, Aux In to Speaker Output
Channel EQ (high, low)
4kHz and above, 800Hz and below
Both jacks accept a balanced input and sends a pre-master volume output mix of channels
Recommended use: Linking two PW150's or adding a PW4EX mixer
Subwoofer Out
Line Out, 20Hz-150Hz
Monitor Out
Line Out, Balanced TRS Output with grounded sleeve
Phantom Power
+15V, Mic inputs (Ch1 & Ch2)
Four 4 1/2", 50W 8 ohm each
3 1/2" Piezo Driver
Power Capacity
150W RMS
Frequency Response
60Hz-20kHz, Full Range (subwoofer jack not used)
150Hz-20kHz, Crossover Active (1/4" mono plug in subwoofer jack)
Nominal Impedance
4 Ohm x 2, Not designed for external speakers
Dimensions mm (W,H,D)
190mm, 715mm, 165mm
Dimensions inches (W,H,D)
7.5", 28", 6.5"
Dimensions kg
11.3 kg

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