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PRS Paul Reed Smith DGT15 David Grissom DGT 15 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

PRS Paul Reed Smith DGT15 David Grissom DGT 15 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head

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PRS Paul Reed Smith DGT15 David Grissom DGT 15 Watt Tube Guitar Amplifier Head


Shape Your Tone
“When it comes to the tone and features, we did most of the heavy lifting more than a decade ago with the DG Custom 30. I‘ve really got to give it to Doug Sewell and PRS for how thoughtfully the DGT 15 was designed. Doug was very meticulous and creative with updating some of the features while remaining true to the DNA of the Custom 30. From the first time I played through it, I was blown away,” said David Grissom.

Designed from the ground up to rival David Grissom’s favorite vintage amps, the PRS DGT 15 is rich with character and feels alive under your fingers. From sparkling cleans to heavy overdrive, this 15-watt single-channel amplifier intuitively offers tones beyond the typical limitations single-channel amps can have. It is a versatile amp with all the magic of smaller-wattage vintage tubes amps but is fully applicable in a modern setting. The DGT 15 is designed with several highly functional tone-sculpting features to maintain balance and articulation through its many unique settings. Starting with a 3-band TMB (treble, middle, bass) tone stack, the DGT 15 also includes a 3-position bright switch, boost, reverb, top cut, and presence front-panel controls. But it is not just the controls, but the combination of the controls and control parameters that bring out this amp’s extreme functional versatility. For example, the bright switch can be set to on, off, or on except when the boost is engaged – so you can intricately manipulate the amp’s high-end. The Master Volume can be set to be on, off, or on only with the Boost. The tremolo circuit oscillates the power tube bias (old-school) and features speed and depth front panel controls to dial in to your exact preference. The included 3-button footswitch allows you to control boost, reverb, and tremolo at the tip of your toes. All of these features mean you can find your sound and shape your tone with the PRS DGT 15 amplifier.

“Watching David in awe over the years create beautiful tones with the DGT guitar and various settings on his DG Custom 30 amp inspired me to design features into his new DGT 15 amp to help you get your favorite tones with a tap of the footswitch. Along with the lush reverb and new tremolo circuit, this is one of our most feature-laden designs to date. Know that this amp comes to you with the most intense admiration and respect for Mr. Grissom and his music.” – Doug Sewell, PRS Amplifier Designer


Available Configurations: Head
Channels: Single

Wattage: 15

Power Tubes: (2) EL 84
Preamp Tubes: (3) 12AX7 (1) 12AT7

Front Panel Controls: Tremolo Switch, Tremolo Depth, Tremolo Speed, Presence, Top Cut, Reverb, Master Switch, Master, Bright Switch, Bass, Mid, Treble, Boost Switch, Volume

Inlet: Fused Power Inlet (IEC)
H.T. (B+) Fuse: Screwdriver Accessible, 500mA/500V Slo Blo
Effects Loop: N/A
Extension Speaker Jacks: 3
Ohm Switching: (2) 4 ohm or (2) 8 ohm (parallel) via Switch, (1) 16 ohm
Bias: Cathode Biased with Monitoring Jacks
Footswitch Jack: 5-pin DIN

Covering: Blonde Tolex
Amp Width: 17.25” (43.82 cm)
Amp Depth: 9” (22.86 cm)
Amp Height: 9.25” (23.5 cm) including feet
Amp Weight: 21.4 lbs (9.71 kg)

Included Accessories: 3-Button Footswitch (Boost, Reverb, Tremolo)

V1: Input
V2: Reverb Driver
V3: Reverb Recovery
V4: Phase Inverter


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