RCF L-PAD 12CX 12 Channel Livepad Mixing Console Effect Powers On Non Functional

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RCF L-PAD 12CX 12 Channel Livepad Mixing Console Effects Powers On Non Functional

Power on and makes a humming sound.

With six transparent sound mic inputs, four stereo line inputs and the 2tk in/out L-PAD12CX is the ideal tool for small band gigs, complex conference, corporate events and all situations where it is necessary to handle several signals. Four single-control compressors on mic channels help to handle even the more dynamic-complex signals. The 99 preset Internal FX DSP allows the sound to be enhanced by adding accurate and warm effects. When not in use for Internal effects the FX send and the AUX sends allow small stage control, with the appropriate wedge monitors. The super versatile L-PAD slot permits the optional L-PAD MP3 PLAYER, PLAYER/RECORDER or BLUETOOTH CONNECTION cards to be inserted.

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