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Source Audio SA270 EQ2 Programmable Equalizer Guitar Effect Pedal

Source Audio SA270 EQ2 Programmable Equalizer Guitar Effect Pedal

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Source Audio SA270 EQ2 Programmable Equalizer Guitar Effect Pedal


We strongly recommend using the proper power supply for any pedal. Daisy chain power supplies may not supply enough power when using multiple pedals or introduce noise into the chain. Consult the pedal manual when available for manufacturer recommended power specifications.

The EQ2 Programmable Equalizer is the most powerful and advanced equalizer pedal on the planet. This exceptional piece of gear builds off the legacy of its predecessor, the Source Audio Programmable EQ, a tremendously popular pedal that landed on the boards of numerous pro guitarists, including six-string icons David Gilmour and John Mayer. The updated EQ2 is a combination graphic and parametric equalizer with 10 fully adjustable frequency bands, stereo ins & outs, MIDI in and thru jacks, 4 or 8 onboard presets, 128 MIDI accessible presets, an additional +12dB volume boost, a built in noise gate, limiter, and tuner, plus the ability to simultaneously run two discrete EQ presets (one for each stereo output).

The EQ2 is also fully integrated with Source Audio’s Neuro System. This innovative system includes the Neuro Hub and the very powerful Neuro Desktop Editor and Mobile App (now with two way communication via the pedal’s mini USB port). This innovative software provides deep editing capabilities with a sleek and intuitive user interface. The Neuro Editors are available as free downloads for Mac/Windows computers and iOS/Android mobile devices.

“Source Audio created a completely new product category when we released the Programmable EQ pedal back in 2011," said Source Audio President Roger Smith. "It gradually became one of our most successful products. We are confident that the EQ2, with its ten adjustable frequency bands, stereo I/O, and both graphic and parametric equalization capabilities, will be an incredibly useful sound-sculpting tool for musicians of all genres.”

One Series EQ2 Programmable Equalizer Features & Specifications

10 Band Graphic Equalizer: Use the EQ2's 10 adjustable frequency bands ranging from 31Hz to 16kHz with 18dB boost or cut to sculpt the perfect tone.
Parametric Equalization Capabilities: Use the onboard controls or the Neuro Editor to adjust the frequency center point and Q factor (i.e. “Q”) of each frequency bands.
4 or 8 Onboard Presets: Easily scroll through the pedal’s 4 or 8 (in Preset Extension Mode) onboard presets.
Simple 1-Knob Control Panel: The single, do-it-all encoder knob provides quick access to a vast collection of editable parameters for maximum flexibility.
Clean Boost: Use the EQ2’s Output knob to dial down the overall output level or boost it up +12dB.
Stereo Inputs and Outputs: Use the Neuro Editor’s routing options in conjunction with Split Mode to get the most out of EQ2’s stereo flexibility and signal routing.
Full MIDI Functionality: The addition of a third party MIDI controller provides access to any of the pedal’s 128 presets as well as direct control of frequency bands, signal routing, output level, and more. Connect MIDI controllers via the EQ2’s 5-pin DIN MIDI In jack (also includes a MIDI Thru jack) or its mini USB port.
Deep Editing Software: The powerful Neuro Desktop Editor (Free download for Mac and Windows) and Neuro Mobile App (iOS and Android) offer maximum sound exploration and editing possibilities.
External Expression and Switching Control: Use the Control Input jack with the Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal (expression control to multiple parameters) or Tap Switch (scroll presets and toggle settings).
Neuro Hub Compatible: Easily integrate the EQ2 with a Neuro Hub and quickly save up to 128 multi-pedal presets (i.e. “Scenes”) accessible with a single MIDI program change (PC) message.
Growing Library of Published Presets: For quick access to a world of great tones, try sampling sounds from a vast collection of published presets created by the Source Audio team and the ever-growing Neuro Community.
Optional Noise Gate and Limiter: Includes an optional noise gate threshold as well as a signal limiter to eliminate unwanted clipping.
Built-In Tuner: Save space on your board by using the EQ2’s fully functional guitar or bass tuner.
Universal Bypass: Select either analog buffered or relay based True Bypass.
USB Port: Class compliant USB-MIDI allows the EQ2 to work as a plug-and-play device with recording software running on Mac and Windows recording software or any third party MIDI controller with USB host. The USB port also offers connectivity to the Neuro Desktop Editor providing access to deep editing possibilities and pedal firmware updates.
Two Way Mobile Communication: Brand new to the EQ2, the USB port now supports mobile connection, allowing for two-way communication between the Neuro Mobile App and your pedal.
Compact Design: The durable, anodized aluminum housing has a small footprint and sturdy hardware. Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 2.75 in./7cm x H: 2 in./5.1cm (including knobs).
Includes 9v DC power supply: 300mA / Negative tip / Pedal draws 165mA

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