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Supro 1466BW Jet Airliner Lap Steel Guitar Black White & Gig Bag #0145

Supro 1466BW Jet Airliner Lap Steel Guitar Black White & Gig Bag #0145

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Supro 1466BW Jet Airliner Lap Steel Guitar Black White & Gig Bag #0145

6.00 lbs, 8.32 Oz

Blemished: May have minor cosmetic scratches/scuffs. Noteworthy blemishes will be pictured and described. Plays and works as it should. Factory Blemished Stock offerings from Specialty Traders have never been broken/repaired. These are considered less than perfect due to cosmetic issues only. They do not have playability issues or electronic issues if applicable.

Slight discoloration near a screw that holds the fingerboard on.

Jet Airliner

The Lap Steel for Guitarists
The 1466BW Jet Airliner Lap Steel is an updated reissue of the Supro electric lap steel guitar that was manufactured in the early 1960s. The Jet Airliner’s vintage-correct body shape and Art Deco aesthetics are enhanced with an intonation-friendly, string-through-body hardtail bridge and a silver foil version of the original Supro “Clear-tone” pickup.

Silver Foil Pickup
The unique Silver Foil pickup found in the Supro Jet Airliner is a faithful reproduction of the original “Clear-tone” unit developed for Valco by Ralph Keller in the early 1950s. This has a massive, broadband sound with remarkably low noise for a single-coil design. The humbucker-sized version of the Supro Silver Foil pickup used in the Jet Airliner is slightly overwound and located right at the harmonic “sweet spot.”

Vintage Supro Jet Airliner body design
Black & White tuxedo finish
Art Deco fretboard design
Supro Silver Foil pickup 50’s-wiring volume and tone controls
String-through-body hardtail bridge Ships in open-E tuning (E B E G# B E) 23” scale

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