Supro 2022MN Westbury Baritone Mahogany Guitar

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Vintage Inspiration
The Supro Island Series Baritone applies the award-winning, retro-modern aesthetics of the Supro Hampton and Westbury guitar models to a 26.75” scale instrument that can be comfortably tuned to low A, B or C. The Supro Baritone features a satin-finished maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, and a choice of either ash or mahogany tone wood for the body. The instrument’s set-neck design utilizes an easy-access heel joint, a 12” fretboard radius, and jumbo fret wire to provide world-class playability—all the way up the neck.

Gold Foil Pickups
The Westbury Baritone features humbucker-size Supro Gold Foil pickups and Les Paul-style 3-way switching, delivering massive lows with a strong midrange and sparkling top end. Found in numerous original Supro guitar and bass models from 1960s, the “Clear-Tone” pickups reproduce the wide frequency spectrum of the Westbury Baritone perfectly.

Modern Construction
Natural Mahogany variant of the Westbury Baritone features a fully satin finish.

Authentic Supro Gold Foil pickups
12” radius rosewood fretboard
26.75” scale maple neck
Ash or mahogany body
Tune-o-matic bridge
Supro wave tailpiece
D’Addario 13-62 XL baritone strings

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