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T-Rex Effect Hobo Drive Overdrive & Boost Guitar Effect Pedal #976

T-Rex Effect Hobo Drive Overdrive & Boost Guitar Effect Pedal #976

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T-Rex Effect Hobo Drive Overdrive & Boost Guitar Effect Pedal

Used with wear associated with use.  Minor scratches/scuffs.  Works as it should.  Pedal only.

HOBO DRIVE works like a preamp where you decide how much drive to send into the master stage. A fully adjustable boost section adds power to your overdrive sound, and can even be routed to boost your signal before it hits the preamp – for even more overdrive.

CLIMB INTO THE DRIVER’S SEAT... Think of HOBO DRIVE as 2 pedals in 1 – an overdrive preamp and a boost pedal (with a twist).

The overdrive function is controlled via the PREAMP, MASTER and TONE controls. For a gentler drive, keep the PREAMP level down and the MASTER level up. For a meatier sound, bring down the MASTER and kick up the PREAMP. Adjust the TONE knob as you like.

The BOOST button raises the volume of your overdrive sound to a level you set using the BOOST knob. The BOOST function is typically used for soloing.

When you engage the BOOST button, a special PRE/POST BOOST switch in the middle of your HOBO DRIVE lets you choose between 2 very different options.

When set to POST, this switch tells the pedal’s boost section to increase the volume of the entire overdrive sound – the sound will be the same as your non-boosted overdrive sound, only louder.

Flip the switch to PRE, and the boost section will amplify the signal before it hits the overdrive preamp. This puts an even higher load on your preamp circuitry and gives you an even dirtier, more saturated overdrive sound.

Take some time to get to know your HOBO DRIVE. The more you experiment with it, the more it will give you in return.




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