T-Rex Effects Bloody Mary Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal #2811

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T-Rex Effects Bloody Mary Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal

Used with wear associated with use. Minor scratches/scuffs.  Works as it should. Pedal only.


Bloody Mary delivers a truly wicked distortion that’s never generic. An alchemist’s blend of precision controls makes sure that your sound is yours alone - a lethal potion of razor gain, tone and body.

BLOODY MARY controls

GAIN controls the degree of distortion. Experiment to get the edge you want - but don’t max it out if you’re afraid of hurting your self!

LEVEL sets the overall volume, no matter what the gain. Use it with a “level” head - this pedal is loud.

LOW takes you to a subterranean universe of power for thumping chords and sublime leads that reach as deep as they soar high.

MID controls the sweet spot that gives you fullness and body. Pull it back for a classic metal sound. Crank it up to go grunge.

HIGH unleashes a blitzkrieg of searing sonic pleasure. Turn it all the way up, and it will cut through solid steel. Handle with care.

BODY delivers a rich extra fill by boosting lower-mids and lows. Kick it in to give your sound an extra lift at critical moments.




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