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T-Rex Engineering Duck Tail Dynamic Delay Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #657

T-Rex Engineering Duck Tail Dynamic Delay Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #657

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T-Rex Engineering Duck Tail Dynamic Delay Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #657

This pedal is factory Demo and is missing the box. It is in excellent condition and works as it should.

 Duck Tail Delay, a classic T-Rex delay pedal descended from our legendary Replica family of delay effects for guitar and bass. Duck Tail Delay comes with everything you’d expect from a T-Rex pedal – gorgeous vintage tone, fine craftsmanship, and the perfect mix of controls, including the brilliant tap tempo control that has made our delays staples on pedal boards everywhere. Plus, we’ve added a tape delay mode and a sophisticated ducking mode that lets you control your delay just by the way you pick.

USING YOUR DUCK TAIL DELAY The main controls on your Duck Tail Delay are the DELAY, FEEDBACK, TIME and LEVEL knobs, while the TAP button, the MODE (DUCK,TAPE, CLASSIC) switch, and the SENSITIVITY knob provide further control. DELAY determines the mix of direct and delayed signal. Turn it down for a subtler natural effect, and crank it up for doubling or freaky long delay effects. The FEEDBACK knob lets you control the number of times a sound is repeated – from just once to an almost infinite loop. TIME determines the rate of your delay repeats and can be adjusted from 10 to 1,000 ms. TIP: to experiment, try tuning in a classic 50s slapback sound by combining a fast time with a low repeat value. MODE switch lets you switch between the new DUCK mode, a vintage TAPE delay sound, and a CLASSIC delay effect.

DUCK mode lets you control how much delay you get dynamically, depending on how hard you pick the strings. Play with a light attack, and the delay is fully activated – making it perfect for quiet, more sensitive passages. Pick harder, and the delay effect decreases, so you can play heavy chords and sharp staccato lines without any echoing clutter. The SENSITIVITY knob lets you control how hard you have to pick before the delay effect ramps out. The TAP button activates your pedal’s TAP TEMPO function. To automatically adjust the tempo of your delay to match the tempo of the song you’re playing, just use your foot to tap the button along with the beat. Note: The INPUT GAIN knob on the side of your Duck Tail Delay eliminates overdrive distortion caused by too high of an input signal. Keep it set just below where the red light comes on.

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