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T-Rex Engineering Gull Triple Voice Wah Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #722

T-Rex Engineering Gull Triple Voice Wah Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #722

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T-Rex Engineering Gull Triple Voice Wah Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #722

This pedal is factory demo. It has some light scuffs along the right side edge. It is in great condition and works as it should. Box included.

 Gull, the most musician-friendly wah-wah out there – and the first pedal in decades to revive the classic yoyyoy sound. Gull actually gives you 3 pedals in 1. You get 2 great wah-wahs, plus the dual-filter yoy-yoy effect. You can tune all 3 effects to your tastes, and you can set your pedal up to boost your signal when you switch it on – to make sure your wah never risks going unnoticed.

Like most wah-wah units, your Gull is switched on and operated using the PEDAL controller. To turn the unit on or off, press the PEDAL all the way down to activate the ON/OFF button hidden beneath the PEDAL. Once you’ve switched your Gull, you’ll want to select a mode via the MODE switch. The 3 modes are: WAH 1: A light wah effect that’s perfect for clean guitar sounds and rhythm parts WAH 2: A class full-out wah you’ll recognize from history’s great wahwah solos. YOY: An unusual effect that uses dual-filter technology to add a subtle, breathy high-frequency modulation to the classic wah. Now use the SLOPE knob to adjust the character of the frequency band you sweep as you operate the PEDAL. The higher you set the SLOPE knob, the more dramatic the wah.

The BOOST knob is useful tool for making sure you’re wah-wah sound is loud enough in the mix. The higher you set it, the louder you’ll be when you kick your Gull into action. The last control you’ll want to understand before using your Gull is the HOTSPOT button on the front of the unit. Many guitarists complain that wah-wah pedals are too touchy, and don’t allow enough pedal play before the effect kicks in. They’re sort of like a guitar whose action is so low, you hardly have to press down on the fretboard to play a note. Gull operates like a traditional wah-wah when the HOTSPOT button is in. When the button is out, you get more pedal to work with before the effect reaches its highpoint. Many players find that this altered response makes Gull a more musical pedal than other options.

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