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T-Rex Engineering Juicy Lucy 12v Pedalboard Power Supply Demo #85

T-Rex Engineering Juicy Lucy 12v Pedalboard Power Supply Demo #85

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T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Juicy Lucy 5x12v DC Pedal Board Power Demo #985

Factory Demo

May have some light scratches.  Noteworthy scratches/scuffs/chips will be pictured.  No box

Tested and Fully Functional. 

uicy Lucy, the 12-Volt member of T-Rex’s FuelTank family. T-Rex pedals are the best-sounding pedals out there, and one of the reasons is that they’re packed full of powerful electronics. But this means that T-Rex pedals need more juice than a lot of other pedals to really show their stuff. And that’s just what Juicy Lucy delivers – the power to your pedals. With five isolated 12-Volt outputs, a staggering 1500 mA of juice, and a big set of custom-made cables, Juicy Lucy delivers all the power you need to keep your T-Rex pedals pumping out the tone.

PLUG AND SCREAM Isolated outputs Juicy Lucy features 5 isolated 12-Volt outputs, each delivering a powerful 300 mA current. The isolated outputs protect your T-Rex tone from annoying hum caused by ground loops. Note that 9-Volt pedals from T-Rex are also compatible with Juicy Lucy’s 12-Volt outputs – so it will power your entire arsenal of T-Rex tone. Current Doubler 300 mA is many times more than enough current to power most pedals, but T-Rex pedals give – and demand – a little bit more. Our tube-driven Room-Mate reverb, for example, performs best with just over 330 mA of juice. That’s why Juicy Lucy comes with a special green Current Doubler cable – allowing you to use 2 outputs to deliver 600 mA of 12-Volt power to high-performance pedals. All the cables you need In addition to the green Current Doubler cable, Juicy Lucy comes with 10 standard pedal cables (in 2 different lengths). It also comes with a special link cable, which lets you power 5 different pedals from a single Juicy Lucy output. Just make sure the pedals you connect to the link cable require no more than 60 mA of power. You’ll find the power supply requirements for every T-Rex pedal in the user manual that came with the pedal.

TECHNICAL SPECS Size: Box 160 x 78 x 38 mm Weight Power supply in box: 1.1 kg Connections 5 isolated 12-Volt DC outputs delivering 300 mA each (will power all T-Rex pedals) Power supply Internal, comes with country-appropriate IEC power cable Pedal cables 5 x 25 cm pedal cables 5 x 50 cm pedal cables 1 x Current Doubler 1 x 5-pedal link cable

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