T-Rex Engineering Sweeper 2 Chorus Bass Guitar Effects Pedal Demo #254

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T-Rex Engineering Sweeper 2 Chorus Bass Guitar Effects Pedal Demo 

Factory Demo

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Like its predecessor the original Sweeper, Sweeper 2 is a strikingly simple, intuitively designed pedal that does just one job and does it extraordinarily well: producing an exquisite chorus effect for the bass and guitar, giving bassists and guitarist of all styles a new tool for delivering classic bottom end.

The Sweeper is a premium-quality chorus effect, and although the label says “BASS CHORUS” it is custom engineered to sound equally fantastic on both bass AND guitar. This means that whether you play bass or guitar, and no matter what rate or depth you set, you’ll get a phenomenal sounding chorus effect – in stereo. The Sweeper is intuitively designed and easy to use.

Sweeper 2 gets an upgrade to its digital core, meaning you get even more gorgeous chorus effect no matter what depth or rate the pedal is set at. While the pedal can be used in mono, Sweeper 2 features L and R outputs which deliver a truly mind-blowing stereo chorus in a studio or in a stereo live setting!


  • Producing an exquisite chorus effect for the bass
  • Analog sounding chorus
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable input level for effect loops in amps
  • Stereo outputs

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