T-Rex Engineering Tapster Tap Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal Demo #524

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T-Rex Engineering Tapster Tap Tremolo Guitar Effect Pedal Demo

Factory Demo

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Tapster, the latest stage in the evolution of our classic tremolo pedal. To create Tapster, we started with all the seductive vintage tone guitarists love about the T-Rex Tremster. Then we added tap tempo control, so you can adjust the rate of your tremolo as you play. Finally, we engineered the perfect Subdivision switch to give you even more control over your sound.

Set the DEPTH to determine the depth of your volume oscillation. Adjust the RATE control to get just the right oscillation speed. Use the VOLUME control to set overall volume. At twelve o’clock, the volume level is 1:1. Turned all the way clockwise, the input signal is boosted 15dB. Choose a SUBDIVISION of the beat (quarter note, eighth note, or eighth note triplet) to determine your tremolo groove. Now, once you’ve set your Tapster up the way you like it, you’re ready to use the TAP TEMPO control: TAP TEMPO works just like the tap tempo control on a T-Rex delay. Simply tap the switch to the beat, and the rate of your tremolo will sync up with tempo of song you’re playing. It couldn’t be easier!

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