T-Rex Karma Boost Electric Guitar Effects FX Pedal TRex Karma Boost #1

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One simple pedal, so many uses. Rely on your KARMA to make sure your solos cut through—even if your soundman isn’t quite on top of it. Use it to compensate for power lost across long cables and lots of pedals. Let it accentuate the gain and sustain your overdrive and distortion pedals are giving you. Or use for no other reason that it’s one damned great sounding effect.

KARMA’s character evolves the more you turn it up, giving you surprising variety and richness in a one-knob pedal.

  • Advanced non-linear boost circuit
  • Based on highly celebrated T-Rex buffer
  • Boost guitar, bass or keyboard up to 16dB
  • Subtle edge at higher levels
  • Elegant one-knob operation

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