T-Rex Replay-Box Delay Electric Guitar Effects FX Pedal TRex Replay Box #1

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The Replay Box features stereo in- and outputs, so you get the most out of those stereo modulation boxes you sometimes step on. Not only is the dry stereo image kept intact, but the DSP processes each side individually, according to the knobs settings. It´s sort of like having two identical delay pedals for each side.
We are proud to offer all of this in a very small package. It took Sebastian some time to cram it all in there, but we understand the need for more features in smaller boxes.
Besides, the “betcha can´t do this”-game is still a funny game to play, especially when you work with Sebastian.
The Replay Box delay is simple to use, it´s packed with the most sought-after features and the sound is solid as a rock. And just for the record, there´s no way you´re getting it in a smaller box than this.

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