T-Rex Whirlyverb Reverb Electric Guitar Effects FX Pedal TRex Whirly Verb #3

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New/Other: The box has some minor damage, and the pedal may have some light scratches.


Reverb pedals either try to emulate the sound of a room by mimicking the way sound bounces off the walls floor and ceiling, or they mimic classic effects like the spring reverb that try to recreate the sound of different rooms.

Whirly Verb doesn’t emulate just any room – or even different types of rooms. This amazing reverb from Denmark’s T-Rex Effects was dreamed up to recreate the most beautiful room in the world.

  • Best analog sounding Reverb
  • Related to the famous T-Rex Roommate
  • Tremendous ranges - can be set to emulate pretty much any size room you can imagine
  • The modulation effect uses a simple warm, vintage chorus circuit
  • Great for guitarists with experimental tendencies

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