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TC Electronic RH750 750 Watt Bass Amplifier Head Compressor EQ Tuner Used

TC Electronic RH750 750 Watt Bass Amplifier Head Compressor EQ Tuner Used

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TC Electronic RH750 750 Watt Bass Amplifier Head Compressor EQ Tuner

Used with wear associated with use. Minor scratches/scuff from handling.  Tested and works as it should.

From TC Electronic

Compact 750 Watt Bass Head with 4-Band Semi-Parametric Equalizer, TubeTone Emulation and SpectraComp Multiband Compression

Compact 750 Watt portable bass head amplifier for stage and studio use
4-band semi-parametric equalizer section for unprecedented control over your tone
TubeTone emulation of both preamplifier and power amplifier tube stages gives you everything from subtle drive to full-on distortion
SpectraComp control provides ultra-transparent and highly musical multi-band compression to cut through any mix
Super-accurate integrated chromatic tuner lets you tune up in seconds
Three presets for instant recall of your favorite settings for different basses
Studio quality headphone amplifier with speaker emulation for personal practice and silent rehearsals
Auxiliary rehearsal input for playback through headphones
Send/return loop for integration of effect pedals
Auto-ranging universal switch-mode power supply for use worldwide
Galvanic isolated balanced DI with pre/post switch for direct connection to mixing consoles or recording equipment
Optional RC4 remote pedalboard features footswitches for recalling presets and an on-board tuner display
3-Year Warranty Program*
Designed and engineered in Denmark

Ahead of the Game RH750 is our flagship compact bass amp, with power for days and a gorgeous, cutting-edge featureset that's equally equipped to handle the gruelling rigors of harcore touring and the hi-performance demanded in studio- and recording situations.
750 watts
3 Presets
Ultimate Tone Tools
Chromatic Bass Tuner

Power Plus Punch
With 750 watts of power as well as superior tonal capabilities and the well-known Bass Amp 2.0 feature set, RH750 is ready to take on any stage anywhere!

Suit Your Needs
Music is a living thing. Songs have vibes and moods, venues change, tones change and sometimes the job calls for a change in bass. RH750 makes adapting to changes super-easy by allowing store/recall of three presets.

Force Focused
We've added SpectraComp™, a whole new way of looking at compression, tailor made for bassists. SpectraComp™ evens out compression equally over all strings, as opposed to just the low E, as is the case with conventional compressors. This results in a rock solid sound that cuts through any mix.

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