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Vivlex LEF-312 Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal Used

Vivlex LEF-312 Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal Used

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Vivlex LEF-312 Flanger Guitar Effect Pedal Used

Used with wear associated with use. Minor cosmetic scratches/scuffs from handling and play. Any noteworthy blemishes or issues will be described and pictured. Works as it should.

We strongly recommend using the proper power supply for any pedal. Daisy chain power supplies may not supply enough power when using multiple pedals or introduce noise into the chain. Consult the pedal manual when available for manufacturer recommended power specifications.

There are a few small chips in the finish on the corners.

From Vivlex:

Amazing Tone: Classic analog flanger sound with filter mode and oscillator effects, gental and flat variation, special vibration rumbling noise effect.
Easy, Flexible Controls With COLOR, RANGE and RATE knob for adjusting the parameters of the effect. Two working modes: Normal and Filter. Normal provides a light sweep whereas filter is more dramatic. You can just control three function knobs and choose the model you want to made you own music tone.
Mini Size full metal shell compact design with small-sized, it's easy to carry. “Built-like-a-tank” metal chassis. Solid case is made of high-quality zinc alloy, durable and sturdy.
True bypass provides transparent tone, minimize the tone loss to keep the best tone quality. With LED light for indicating effects and bypass status.


Toggle switch allows for a choice between 2 different settings for your electric guitar. Normal provides a light sweep whereas filter is more dramatic. With the Switch set to Normal mode, the Flanger will send it’s unique, flanging signal through your pedal chain. When you change the Switch to Filter Mode, the pedal will add bed of warmth and fluctuating tone underneath the original flange sound.
The Color Knob adjusts the amount of signal that will be influenced by the flange effect. Turn this Knob down for a more subtle effect and crank it up for an intense flange!
The Range Knob adjusts the depth of the flange effect. Turning the Knob clockwise will increase the depth and turning counter-clockwise will decrease the depth of the effect.
The Rate Knob adjusts the speed at which the flanger will modulate. Dial in the perfect speed to play along with your favorite songs or create your own effect! The True-Bypass Footswitch allows for your tone to come through the pedal unaffected in the “off” position.

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